Petroleum Online Announcement!


On April 3rd, we are excited to release our new and modern designed web site and course interface!

The new Petroleum Online system will feature an updated interface that will allow users to quickly and easily navigate to all Petroleum Online courses or just their purchased ones. In addition to the updated site, Petroleum Online videos and course interactives have also undergone updates to improve the overall quality of the course content and user engagement. The new Petroleum Online interface and interactive elements provide a more user-friendly and enjoyable e-Learning experience.

Stay tuned for our April 3rd switch-over at 10AM (EDT) and let us know what you think!

Planned System Downtime

Welcome to Petroleum Online

Welcome to Petroleum Online, IHRDC's In-depth Introduction to the International Oil and Gas Industry - covering today's industry from upstream to downstream and from technology and operations to economics. This new e-Learning Series is an essential industry orientation program that is easily accessible, challenging and comprehensive. Petroleum Online is an ideal way to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the industry in a relatively short period of time - a "must" for anyone in today's dynamic business climate!

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